Return Policy and Procedures:

Returns are only accepted:

Domestically (within the US) - within 10 days 

Internationally (outside the US)- within 30 days


Procedure for Returns: 


1. Please verify that your purchase was made within the above amount of time.  

2. Contact florida|surgical for Return Authorization Number 

3.  Fill out the Authorization Form below.  (MAKE SURE TO KEEP A COPY FOR YOURSELF AND INCLUDE ONE IN THE BOX)

4. Buyer is responsible for shipping to us. 


Return Authorization Form


Warranty Policy and Procedures:

Domestically Shipped: (Within the US) 

Each product shipped domestically has a 30 day warranty from date of purchase.  Please contact us at (954) 263-4278

Internationally Shipped: (Outside the US)

Each product shipped internationally has a 60 day warranty from date of purchase. Please contact us at (954) 263-4278

Procedure to utilize the Warranty: 

1. Please contact us at (954)263-4278 or for authorization that your product is still in warranty

2. Please fill out the Warranty Authorization which can be printed below.  Please make a copy for yourself and send a copy in the box when it is shipped. **All warranty returns must be sent with Warranty Authorization Sheet in order to be accepted.  

3.  Buyer pays shipping to send to us. 

Warranty Authorization Form