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Procedure for Medical Equipment Repairs:

1)Contact our sales representative for verification of

your medical equipment repair


2)Once confirmed that we are able to quote a repair, prepare your equipment for shipment to our office:


Florida Surgical

725 Commerce Center Drive - Suite C
Sebastian, Florida 32958

(954) 263-4278


3)Complete the Florida Surgical Equipment Repairs: Request for Quote Form & include this form in your shipment


4)Please email, sales@floridasurgical.net, with your shipments tracking information


5)Once we receive your medical equipment, an analysis will be done on your item(s) and you will be sent a Quote for Repair within 3-5 business days.


6)Upon your approval of the medical equipment repair, all repairs will be completed in a timely manner and equipment will be shipped back to you, C.O.D. for the cost of the repair plus return shipping cost.

(If you decide not to repair your item, we will promptly return your equipment)


7)For any inquiries about your medical equipment repair please contact us at:

Telephone: (954) 263-4278   or Email: sales@floridasurgical.net





Full Service Medical Equipment Repair 


We service: Orthopedic Power Tools, Rigid Endoscopes, Laparoscopic Instruments,   Micro Ophthalmic Instruments and Cart Repairs.


We service equipment from the following manufacturers: ACMI, 3M, Aesculap, Alcon, Codman, Concept, Depuy, Dyonics, Ethicon, Hall, Linvatec, Olympus, MicroAire, Midas Rex, Padgett, Smith & Nephew, Richard Wolf, Storz, Stryker,  Synthes, Xomed and Zimmer.


Our repair facility performs anything from a minor cleaning to a complete overhaul of medical equipment.  We repair & restore, general surgical & laparoscopy instruments, pneumatic & electric power tools, micro instruments, bipolar instruments, arthroscopy instruments and flexible endoscopes (all types). We provide special services, such as carbide replacement diamond dusting micro machining custom machining and micro sharpening.


Medical power tool repairs, we repair the following:

Endoscopy & Arthroscopy shavers, dermatome & skin graft cutters, surgical poser tools, surgical poser cables, foot pedals & switches, cast saws & cutters, console repair, complete control module replacement, motor rebuild/replacement, battery rebuild, cord rebuild/replacement, speed & torque calibration, optimize power consumption.



We specialize in, are not limited to these product lines:

            Stryker          -TPS System

                                    -Command Systems

                                    -Universal Drivers

                                    -EHD Systems

                                    -System 4 & 5

            Hall                 -Versipower System

                                    -Micro E

                                    -Micro Choice

            Linvatec          -Shavers

                                    -Advantage Systems

            Medtronic      -Straightshot system


Endoscopic Repairs include:

Minor damage & dent removal, lens array, light cone, eyepiece, fiber optics, distal tip, shaft repair, major sheath/tubing replacement, handle replacement, valve replacement; rebuild broken or leaky valves, ceramic tip repair or replacement, restore damaged bridge deflectors. We repair: arthroscopes, hysteroscopes, laparoscopes, cystoscopes, sinuscopes, ENT scopes, specialty scopes and operating laparoscopes.


Laparscopic Instruments:

Our repairs of these items include sharpening and alignment, recoating of handles and shafts, rebuilding jaws & blades as well as rotators, replacing ports & valves. We can clean out protein buildup and can perform a complete jaw replacement.


Cart Repair:

We service an array of carts. Virtually any cart by any manufacturer can be restored to like new condition. We repair and/or replace casters, bumpers, doors, rebuild locks and resurface like new.


Micro & Ophthalmic Instrument Repair:

Replacement cost of micro instruments can run into the hundreds and sometimes thousands of dollars. Our highly skilled technicians utilize the highest quality repair equipment when dealing with micro instruments. These repairs include: calibration, realigning, sharpening, laser welding, diamond dusting, restoring tips & teeth, polishing, refinishing and recoating of titanium.



All materials meet USP Class VI requirements for medical grade use. Some parts are custom made at our full service machine shop.



Our Preowned Repair Process


Occasionally some medical products arrive brand new; but a majority is purchased from the initial user (hospitals, medical facilities, surgery centers and doctors). Once we receive the pre-owned medical equipment, all equipment goes through a complete evaluation, repair and service that is necessary. Our medical equipment repair facility performs anything from a minor cleaning to a complete overhaul.

We repair and restore

  • general surgical and laparoscopy instruments
  • pneumatic and electric power tools
  • micro instruments
  • bipolar instruments
  • arthroscopy instruments
  • flexible endoscopes (all types)


We provide special services:

  • carbide replacement
  • diamond dusting
  • micro machining
  • custom machining
  • micro sharpening

Power tool repairs, we repair the following:

  • Endoscopy and Arthroscopy Shavers
  • dermatome and skin graft cutters
  • surgical poser tools
  • surgical poser cables
  • foot pedals and switches
  • cast saws and cutters
  • console repair
  • complete control module replacement
  • motor rebuild/replacement
  • battery rebuild
  • cord rebuild/replacement
  • speed and torque calibration
  • optimize power consumption


Endoscopic refurbishments include:

  • Minor damage and dent removal
  • lens array
  • light cone
  • eyepiece
  • fiber optics
  • distal tip
  • shaft repair
  • major sheath/tubing replacement
  • handle replacement
  • valve replacement
  • rebuild broken or leaky valves
  • ceramic tip repair or replacement
  • restore damaged bridge deflectors